Sandra Arruda has been active as a designer and entrepreneur in the world of furniture and interior design since 1986, when she founded Peça Única Mobília, now a benchmark brand name in the development and consolidation of design culture in Brazil.

In 1988, she produced the innovatory event “Desfile de Moda e Móvel” together with Jum Nakao, Bia Ocugne and other artists. A combination of fashion and furniture, the event foresaw the merger of several different areas of design, which has now become a reality.

The designer began to transfer her ideas to exclusive items which play a major role of the history of Peça Única. In addition to being a part of the day-to-day life of a sophisticated and updated audience which appreciates style and comfort, her furniture began to attract the attention of the corporate market.

In the early 2000s, the Genius armchair, one of the brand´s flagship products, was chosen to furnish the Mélia hotel chain, and the 1950s coffee table was selected for all the branches of Itaú Personnalité bank.

This was the time the Sao Paulo-based designer embarked on her long and highly successful venture in the corporate and hotel sectors. Her current portfolio features customers such as Nespresso, Octávio Café, branches of Santander Van Gogh and Santander Select, HSBC, the Accor and Estanplaza groups, the Cultura bookstore chain, the Copacabana Palace hotel, among others.

As far as Sandra is concerned, contemporary design should combine creativity and aesthetics with the brand´s basic values: comfort and personality.

“Taking design to the very limit also requires consideration in relation to quality and ergonomics. My research and experience enable me to design with technique and freedom in order to meet the requirements of each individual customer.”

Sandra Arruda